Pulsa Digital

Pulsa Digital Telkomcel is the recharge/topup service for Telkomcel numbers using digital means, without using voucher/pulsa card. When doing recharge using pulsa digital, the agents will use the means of internet or SMS, and clients will receive notification via SMS. With Pulsa Digital Telkomcel, credit topup becomes Fasil, Lalais, Seguru (easy, fast, secure).

What are the advantages of using Pulsa Digital?

  1. Safer: Minimising the risk of missing or damaged voucher
  2. Flexible: Easy to topup or sell in various nominals, starting from 15cents up to $1000
  3. Easy to access: Access from app (available in PlayStore) or web etopup.telkomcel.tl (FREE access from Telkomcel number)
  4. More complete: Can be sold as pulsa or internet package
  5. Faster: Sell/send pulsa from anywhere, anytime.

You may also download the brochure (PDF file) from this link PulsaDigital_BenefitNSteps_Tetun

And what's more, there's bonus from Pulsa Digital for clients. When doing recharge/topup with Pulsa Digital minimal $1, client will get bonus 300MB quota internet. Bonus is valid for use within 24 hours since time of recharge/topup. Bonus can be obtained on the first recharge of the day (maximum of 1x bonus per number per day).

Where can I buy Pulsa Digital?
Customers can get Pulsa Digital at Telkomcel Plaza and also Pulsa Digital Agents.

Want to be Pulsa Digital agent?
Very easy. All you need is a phone/tablet and a Telkomcel number. Contact the nearest dealer for Telkomcel Pulsa Digital or visit Plaza Telkomcel for more information.

Call Center 123
Timor Plaza 4th Floor
Rua Presidente Nicolau Lobato, Dili-Timor Leste