General Terms & Conditions for Users of Telkomcel service (updated February, 2023)


A.   Introduction

This page contains General Terms & Conditions for every User using Telkomcel’s product and/or service (“Terms of Use”). This Terms of Use explains how we, Telkomcel, including subsidiaries and affiliated companies, provides the products and services used by Users/customers, which include: web/portal, features, applications, social media, or any forms provided by Telkomcel through the cellular network or internet from time to time (hereafter called “Services”), including those from authorized sources.

By accessing this page and using the Services, User is considered to have understood and agree to be bound by the applicable terms. Telkomcel suggests that User carefully read this Terms of Use.

In the case of User is underage or is considered a child in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations, then approval to use the Service must be given by the parent (father or mother) or guardian of the User in accordance with the provisions of the applicable laws and regulations.

These Terms of Use apply to all Telkomcel Service Users including applications, platforms, or various other media, unless regulated in separate terms and conditions.

B.   Update to Terms of Use

These Terms of Use may be changed and/or updated from time to time. In this regard, Telkomcel will notify the user of the change and/or update in accordance with the provisions of the applicable laws and regulations.

By continuing to access and use this Service after notification of renewal from Telkomcel, you are deemed to agree to the changes to these Terms of Use, as long as these changes do not involve changes to the purpose of processing your personal data..


C.   User Terms

(1)            User is a qualified individual to use the Services provided.

(2)            User is fully responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your PIN, username, password, email, and one-time password (OTP) verification code for your account for all activities carried out through this Service, including, but not limited to, any risks and/or losses arising as a result of misuse of accounts by third parties. Telkomcel has the right to assume that your access to the Service, including the use of an account and password, is an access made by you legally, and you can notify Telkomcel if there is any misuse or unauthorized use of your account and/or password. You hereby free Telkomcel from all claims that may arise in any form and from any party.

(3)          User declare that Telkomcel is not responsible for any losses or problems arising from misuse of the Services caused by your negligence which results in losses or problems with the Services.

(4)    Telkomcel has the authority to take actions that are deemed necessary, such as blocking, suspension, termination of the Service and/or other actions in accordance with applicable legal provisions in terms of technical errors or for any alleged abuse or violation of the Terms of Use and/or applicable laws. apply without prior notice to you. For the blocking and suspension of the Service, you agree to release Telkomcel from all claims.


D.  Use of Cellular Telecommunication Services / SIM Card

(1)  The Telkomcel SIM card has a limited active period. In order for user to continue to use it continuously, for Telkomcel SIM Cards that have been activated, the following conditions apply:

a)     For Telkomcel Postpaid or Hybrid Users, users need to complete monthly bill payments before the due date.

b)     For Telkomcel Prepaid Users, users need to:

                i.        Top up credit/pulsa balance, use a minimum credit balance, and/or buy a phone/SMS/data/extension package before the card's active period ends.

                                   ii.         The valid active period follows the active period per denomination of the pulsa/credit balance and/or data package listed in the product description.

                               iii.         If the active period of the SIM card ends, the SIM card will enter a grace period of 90 days, starting from the end of the active period. During this period, user can top up pulsa/credit balance, use a minimum credit balance, and/or purchase a phone/SMS/data/extension package so that the card can be reactivated.

                        iv.         With the expiration of the grace period, the SIM Card along with the remaining balance, package quota, and/or Points contained in it will be cleared, and cannot be reused. In this situation, User shall free Telkomcel from any claim for compensation in any form.

                                  v.         The Telkomcel Prepaid SIM Card cycle policy may change from time to time as determined by Telkomcel. Information on these changes will be provided in the official Telkomcel communication media.

(2)   Users who have lost and/or have their Telkomcel SIM Card stolen can immediately report and and have the SIM Card replaced (using the same number) at the customer service department at the nearest Telkomcel Plaza, while still complying with the policies set by Telkomcel.

(3)   The SIM Card replacement is charged at $1.00 per card.

(4)   Telkomcel is not responsible for the loss of pulsa/credit on the Telkomcel SIM Card that has been damaged or lost.


E.   Prices/Tariffs for Cellular/Mobile Telecommunication Services

(1)  The Telkomcel service price/tariff scheme may change at any time in accordance with the price policy set by Telkomcel.

(2)   Telkomcel has the right to determine and change the price/tariff for cellular/mobile telecommunications services at any time based on Telkomcel's policy, and/or if regulated by laws and regulations.

(3)  Telkomcel may impose different tariffs at certain locations and times in accordance with Telkomcel's tariff policy.

(4)  Telkomcel has the right at any time to update the product/Service, close/terminate the product/Service, change the tariff or quota, as well as the quality of the package service, with considerations deemed appropriate by Telkomcel. By making changes to a Service, the Customer agrees to free Telkomcel from all legal claims and responsibilities arising from the said policy.

F.   Service Notification

(1) Telkomcel may at any time send notifications related to the product/Service being used by User/customer.

(2) Notifications can be sent in the form of calls, SMS, push-notifications, or through apps or web managed by Telkomcel.

(3)   Notifications may contain information related to, but not limited to:

a)     SIM Card active period

b)     Remaining credit or remaining packages

c)     c) Reminders to update the products/services in use, such as internet package subscriptions, calling packages, SMS packages, and more

d)     Reminders regarding the service being used currently, and information if users want to change the service being used currently.

(4)   By reading and continuing to use the service, User understand and agree to continue using the said    service, and release Telkomcel from any claim for compensation for ignoring or failure to heed the notification.

(5)  Telkomcel may send you direct marketing, advertisements, and promotional communications through push-notification applications, messages via Apps, phone calls, short message services, and emails ("Marketing Media"). You can choose not to receive such marketing communications at any time by selecting the “unsubscribe” option in the relevant Marketing Media or contacting Telkomcel via the contact details provided.


G.  Network

Basically, Telkomcel will provide the best speed for network access services for customers, but there are several conditions that can cause customers not to get the service speed as expected, such as network availability, topographic factors, population density, building wall thickness, types of telecommunication equipment used, time of use of Telkomcel services, number of Telkomcel service users, customer proximity to the nearest BTS/antenna location and other factors.

Telkomcel will provide the network with its best efforts using various technologies that will be implemented by Telkomcel and will repair any damage or disruption to the Telkomcel network as soon as possible.


H.  Limitation of Telkomcel’s Liability

(1)   Telkomcel does not guarantee that: (i) the Service will always meet User needs or will always be accessible; (ii) the Service will be uninterrupted, timely, secure and error-free of any kind; (iii) the quality, information or other materials contained in the Service will always meet User expectations.

(2)   Telkomcel is not responsible for the misuse of the Telkomcel Card and Services by other parties, or the content and communications and internet usage (including content) sent and accessed through the Telkomcel telecommunications network.

(3)   Telkomcel is not responsible for any dishonest acts, criminal acts, fraud, negligence, gross violation of laws and regulations, or malicious acts committed by irresponsible parties using/through this Service.

(4)   Telkomcel is not responsible to User in the event of a loss when using this Service due to force majeure as described in these Terms of Use, such as but not limited to natural disasters or other emergencies in accordance with government regulations, technical or other disturbances that are beyond Telkomcel control, special instructions set by the government, and so on.

(5)   User acknowledge, understand, and agree that Telkomcel is not responsible for the content and/or links contained on the Service. User is responsible for the risks when accessing and using the content and/or links belonging to such Third Parties. And it is recommended that User read and understand the contents of the terms and conditions that apply to the content/links belonging to these Third Parties.

(6)   In the event of a disturbance or coercive situation that has a serious impact on the Service, that the Service cannot work properly, Telkomcel tries its best to make a contingency plan to ensure the continuity of the Service. However, User fully understand these conditions and therefore Telkomcel cannot be held responsible for any losses that may arise.


I.    Privacy Policy

User’s Information Data Confidentiality if of the most important subject for Telkomcel. Telkomcel will apply the best efforts to protect and secure Users’ data information you from illegal access by unauthorized parties.

   J.    Special Terms of Use

(1)   These Terms of Use generally apply to all Service Users. Each product/Service may have its own specific terms of use.

(2)   Such specific terms of use are attached to each product Service we offer and will apply to User when using each such Service.


K.   Contact Us

If User have any questions about these Terms of Use, or complaints and feedback about Telkomcel product/Services, please contact our Customer Service through contact number 123 (for Prepaid Services, free calls from Telkomcel numbers) or email care@telkomcel.tl or via Whatsapp +67074747474 or visit the nearest Telkomcel Plaza.















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