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Data & Internet

Telkomcel Data Network is supported by the latest 3G technology called High Speed Download Packet Access (HSDPA), that allows transmition up to 21Mbps. With this technology, Telkomcel make sure a fluent and fast access to large data file in short period of time. Telkomcel also supports 2G network which is GPRS and EDGE

Unlike other 3G cellular network that use 2.1GHZ frequency (as it is in Indonesia), Telkomcel network uses 850MHz frequency which allows Telkomcel to cover large area, up to three times larger compared to the coverage of 2,1 GHz frequency. The regular charging fee for data access is $0.045/MB. For a cheaper tariff, Telkomcel offers variants of Data Internet package for your convenience. 

Telkomcel RAPIDO Package

Package Quota Price SMS Code Length Note
Weekly 80 MB $ 0.25 ON 80M 7 days Social media package for Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Kakao Talk.
Accessing video will not deduct Socmed Package quota)
150 MB $ 1.00 ON 150M 7 days Promo: Bonus 100 MB = Total 250 MB
400 MB $ 2.00 ON 400M 7 days Promo: Bonus 200 MB = Total 600 MB
Turbo 1.1 GB $ 5.00 ON 1G1 10 days
2.4 GB $ 10.00 ON 2G4 10 days

Monthly** 2.5 GB $ 25.00 ON 2G5 30 days Promo: Bonus 100% = Total 5 GB
6 GB $ 50.00  ON 6G 30 days Promo: Bonus 100% = Total 12 GB
12.5 GB $100.00 ON 12G5 30 days Promo: Bonus 100% = Total 25 GB
20 GB $150.00 ON 20G 30 days Promo: Bonus 100% = Total 40 GB

*Customer experience may vary depends on the number of simultaneous users, location and network coverage. 
**Monthly unlimited feature (throttling after quota is depleted) will not be applied anymore for packages purchased from 21 November 2016 onwards.


Activation of Telkomcel internet quota can be made via:

  • Dialling *123*3# and select the package type
  • SMS to 155 with the desired package code.
    Example: To purchase 2.5GB package, send ON 2G5 to 155
  • Purchase via MyTelkomcel 

To check remaining quota, dial *122*3# 


Internet Settings

Terms & Conditions

1. Each RAPIDO package is treated separately. Different packages will not be accummulated.

2. When customer has multiple package (more than one package), usage will deduct first from lower package, regardless of which package is purchased first.
Example: Customer purchased 6GB, and then purchased package 150MB. When using internet, the usage will first deduct from package 150 MB.

3. Expired package:

- When a package reaches expiry date and not renewed, the quota will be cleared (reset to zero).
- To extend the quota expiry date, customer needs to purchase the same package before reaching expiry date of the package.

4. Auto-renewal

- Packages subscription will be automatically renewed when reaching package expiry date.
- In case of multiple package, auto renewal will apply to the package with the farthest expiry date.
- Customer will be notified by SMS 2 days before a package expires. Customer may reject auto-renewal by replying with NO to 155.
- Auto renewal does not apply to  Daily Unlimited and Turbo packages 

- To cancel auto-renewal for the current subscription, SMS: NO to 155
- To stop auto-renewal reminders, SMS: UNREG AR to 155
- To activate auto-renewal reminders, SMS: REG AR to 155
- To check Auto-renewal status, SMS: INFO AR to 155

For more information, please call 123 or visit the nearest  Plaza Telkomcel.

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