Special Promo Pulsa Digital  

Special Promo Pulsa Digital (ends 31 Oct 2018)

Get big discounts for purchasing Pulsa Digital from Plaza Telkomcel at Timor Plaza.

Plaza Telkomcel at Timor Plaza will accept registration for new outlet Pulsa Digital. 
And more importantly, get 10% discounts on your first purchase of pulsa Digital minimal $50 (see terms & conditions below).

More information on the benefits and how to use Pulsa Digital, can be downloaded from this PDF file.

Terms & Conditions:

1. Purchase below $50 could not be processed at Plaza Telkomcel.

2. For those who are interested to be Pulsa Digital agent, but not wanting to join this program/promotion, please contact Telkomcel Sales team at Timor Plaza Level 3, or leave your contact details to be contacted by the Telkomcel Sales team,

3. Plaza Telkomcel does not accept purchase for existing outlet. For purchase/topup, please contact your existing dealer.

For more information, please contact our Call Center at 123 or visit Plaza Telkomcel at Timor Plaza

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