PROFESSIONAL PACKAGE: Internet Rapido + Voice Combo

Special for customers that need both  Internet Rapido and Voice Combo package, Telkomcel makes it easier with Professional Package.

With only 1 click for   Professional Package, get more benefits for the duration of each package:
  • Internet RAPIDO Package + 
  • PLUS Voice Combo package (minute calls to other operator numbers)+
  • PLUS BONUS internet quota 100% for 4G* network usage (except for Economy packages) + 
  • PLUS BONUS FREE CALL to Telkomcel numbers + 
  • PLUS BONUS FREE access to (for Indonesian online TV stations)

ProfessionalPackage_A3_landscape_ENG - Copy


* Bonus quota 4G can be used during 00:00 - 18:00 OTL

How to activate:

  1. Via menu *123*3*8# and select the desired package, or
  2. Via app MyTelkomcel

Check for remaining quota:

  1. Check remaining Internet quota at *122*3#
  2. Check remaining Voice Combo minutes at *122*2#
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