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With cooperation with our partner Bridge Alliance, Telkomcel provide broad roaming service for its costumer worlwide. Telkomcel roaming service currently available in 20 countries. For service availability please check    Tariff

Please see below for our list of roaming promo and packages for your convenience to communicate while abroad and still using your Telkomcel number:

Starting October 2019, have less worry with staying connected while in Indonesia.
Telkomcel now offers CHEAPEST UNLIMITED roaming in Indonesia, when connected to Telkomsel Indonesia network. 
Activate the packages now, and stay connected with families and friends in Timor-Leste.
  1. Unlimited Data Roaming
    $10 valid for 30 days
    SMS: ROAMING7 to 123

  2. Unlimited Call & SMS to Telkomcel Timor-Leste numbers
    $2 for 24 hours
    SMS: ON R1 to 123

  3. Unlimited Call & SMS to Telkomcel Timor-Leste numbers
    $8 valid for 30 days
    SMS: ON R2 to 123

  4. Combo Roaming (Unlimited data + call + SMS)
    $15 valid for 30 days roaming

  5. Unlimited Combo Roaming (Unlimited data + call + SMS)
    $25 valid for 60 days roaming

Or activate via menu *123*2# or app MyTelkomcel.

Roaming New 201910

Terms & Conditions:
  • packages apply when connected to Telkomsel Indonesia network when roaming
  • Call/SMS valid for calls to Telkom numbers (fixed phone +62), Telkomsel Indonesia (Simpati, As, KartuHALO), and Telkomcel Timor Leste numbers.
  • For call/sms to other numbers outside Telkomcel Timor-Leste will be charged the applicable roaming price (see here)

1. ROAMING LIKE HOME (Roaming in INDONESIA) - non package

Telkomcel Roaming Like Home offers a cheap service when connected for roaming at Telkomsel Indonesia network. Enjoy unlimited data roaming with only for $5/day.

For details, Please refer to this table:

Roaming Like Home -
( Roaming in Telkomsel - INDONESIA)
Receive Call from Telkomcel and other countries  Free 10mins/day.
(receiving calls will be charged 5c/min after 10mins)

A6_Roaming Like home_English - Copy

Receive call from other operatos in Timor Leste $ 0.50 / minute
Call to local numbers in Indonesia (+628xxx or 08xx) $ 0.50 / minute
Call to Telkomcel numbers $ 0.50 / minute
Call to other operators in Timor Leste $ 1.50 / minute
Call to other country from roaming country $ 1.50 / minute
Receiving SMS  FREE
Send SMS $ 0.25 / SMS
Roaming Data $ 5.00 / day
Unlimited roaming data after
usage reaches $5 on the day

2. Roaming BARATU

Telkomcel offers cheapest data roaming on the following operators in 8 countries for $20/day!!!

1 Singapore Singtel Mobile Singapore SGPST
2 Thailand Advance Info Service Public Company
3 Thailand Advance Wirelles Network Company TAHWN
4 Taiwan Taiwan Mobile TWNPC
6 South Korea KT Corporation KORKF
7 South Korea SK Telecom KORSK
8 Australia  Optus Yes AUSOP
9 Australia Telstra

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