SIM Card 4G  

Telkomcel 4G service is now ready!

SIM Card replacements are now available at Plaza Telkomcel Dili: at Timor Plaza store and Colmera.
Customers who want to access Telkomcel 4G service need to have the SIM Card replaced with 4G SIM Card with the same Telkomcel number.

Get your 4G SIM Card now, and enjoy 4G RAPIDO packages:

  1. Unlimited FLASH only $2 for 24 hours Unlimited internet
    Speed is 3x faster than Unlimited $1 .
    Activate via menu  *123*3*1# or SMS: ON DU3 to 155, or via MyTELKOMCEL app
    Or activate once for 7 days unlimited access: menu  *123*3*2# or SMS: ON FLASH7 to 155, or via MyTELKOMCEL app

  2. Bonus 100% quota 4G from purchase of Internet RAPIDO Turbo or Monthly Package
    Bonus 4G valid for use in 4G network, during 00:00 - 18:00 OTL.
    Activate via menu  *123*3# or via MyTELKOMCEL app

  3. Bonus 1 GB from every purchase of Internet RAPIDO Turbo or Monthly Package from MyTELKOMCEL app
    Bonus valid for use in 3G or 4G network, during 24 hours since activation.
    To get bonus, activate Internet RAPIDO Turbo or Monthly package from MyTELKOMCEL app.

Replace your SIM Card to 4G now, and enjoy these benefits.


Telkomcel Timor-Leste