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TELKOMCEL POINT is back with bigger and more prizes!!

Keep using your Telkomcel SIM Card and get the chance to win prizes from TELKOMCEL POINT.

The next prize draw will be on 16 September 2018.

Get in the draw to win these prizes:
- Holiday package to Bali: return ticket + 1 day tour + 1 night's accommodation
- motorbike  
- fridge  
- washing machine  
- and internet package 5GB for 5 people 

Collect your points now. Make calls, send SMS, buying internet package, or topup your credit/pulsa, and you can get points from all of those transactions.

See details of how points are collected in this page.

And special For July - September, each point collected will be multiplied, so more points to be collected!

July: multiplied by 30
August: multiplied by 20 
September: multiplied by 10

Get it quick and collect your points

And don't forget to redeem your point to e-coupon to secure your place in the prize draw in September!
500 points can be exchanged with 1 coupon.

To change points to coupon, type sms: POINT 500 and send to 7788, and will get 1 coupon (confirmation via SMS) 

Want to change more coupons for bigger chance? 
Type POINT <points> send to 7788.
Example: POINT 1500 send to 7788, will get 3 coupons.

To Check remaining points, type sms: POINT CHECK and send to 7788 
To check the prize draw period, type sms: POINT PERIOD and send to 7788
To check the available prizes for this period, type sms: POINT REWARD and send to 7788 
To see result of the prize draw, type sms: POINT RESULT and send to 7788
To see list of keywords (menu), type sms: POINT MENU and send to 7788 

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