TELKOMCEL POINT - Discounts Get more discounts with Telkomcel Point at selected stores

Redeem your TELKOMCEL POINT with discounts at the selected stores below.

Dial *123*5# to see the list of stores. Also available via  MyTelkomcel app.
Please see Terms & Conditions below.





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Terms & Conditions

  1. Customer redeems Telkomcel Point from *123*5# and choose the store. Also available via app MyTelkomcel.
  2. Customer will receive SMS confirmation of the redemption. The store will also receive an SMS containing customer's info and redeemed value.
  3. The SMS and the redeemed value is valid for 24 hours to be used at the selected stores.
  4. To use the redeemed value, customer show the SMS confirmation at the store when purchase.
  5. Customer will receive discount for the redeemed value as mentioned in the SMS confirmation.
  6. The redeemed value cannot be exchanged with cash.
  7. If the purchased item/service is bigger than the redeemed value, customer will pay for the extra amount.

For more information, contact Customer Care 123 (free call from Telkomcel number) or inbox  Facebook Telkomcel.

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