Collect Telkomcel Points & Get the Benefits!

Telkomcel knows how to rewards our customers!
Use your TELKOMCEL POINT to redeem with extra bonus,  discounts at selected stores, or keep it for our TELKOMCEL POINT prize draw!

How to collect TELKOMCEL POINT?

You can get TELKOMCEL POINT for every transaction made with your TELKOMCEL number.
Whether it is making calls, send SMS, or purchase data package, a TELKOMCEL POINT is awarded.

Below is the scheme for TELKOMCEL POINT collection:


And more...

What are the Benefits?

Telkomcel Point will be used in prize draw in each period. All customers who have Telkomcel Point at the period will be included in the draw.

Telkomcel Point can also be redeemed with  discounts at selected stores or with other various bonus from Telkomcel. 

Want to check your points? Dial *127# to check your current points.
Want to redeem with discounts or bonus? Dial *123*5# to see the list of benefits of Telkomcel Point.


Want to get these benefits?

Use your Telkomcel number now: making calls, send SMS, purchase internet package, or recharge your number.

Will the points expire?

Telkomcel Point is valid throughout the year.
The points will be reset at the end of the year (31 December).

Check your points at *127#
Redeem your points with Bonus or internet package at *123*5#
Or keep your points for Telkomcel Point prize draw (next one in April).

More info: dial 123  during office hours 8am - 8pm (free when calling from Telkomcel number)

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